FilmG : 10 Bliadhna

We are so excited to be celebrating the competition’s tenth year. One of the original participants, Margaret-Jane Mason, who modelled for the beautiful 2009 poster, today (5th September) reflected on her journey from FilmG to BBC ahead of a special event on Thursday.

Margaret-Jane has since landed her dream job with BBC Scotland as a researcher. The competition has prompted huge take-up over the past decade. There have been more than 600 Gaelic short film entries since the competition began, with many young people going on to successful careers in television broadcasting.

Floraidh, who manages the project said:

“It’s really exciting for us to be exhibiting the poster artwork that we’ve had so much fun making over the last ten years. It’s been an absolute pleasure working on FilmG and especially seeing talent like Margaret-Jane flourish. Through FilmG young people get the opportunity to express themselves creatively in Gaelic, and at the same time acquire practical and relevant skills. This event will mark an important milestone for FilmG and hopefully encourage more young people to get involved.”

Margaret-Jane said:

“FilmG was a great experience to be a part of as a young person, and gave me an insight into how the media world worked. Since entering FilmG, I have had a brilliant career within media, and now work in Glasgow for the BBC. Looking back on this photo makes me feel quite nostalgic, and also proud of my achievements”

Come along to the Tramway at 6.30pm on Thursday for a nostalgic look back at posters from years gone by and to hear about our new addition to the prize list, Best Industry Director. Get your free ticket here!