A Different Kind of Fame

This year’s posters have proven popular far and wide, but a few folk have been puzzled about one poster in particular and its connection to this year’s theme ‘Cliù’ which mean fame, reputation or prestige.

We wanted to have a poster based on a real-life person this year, to help folk see ‘Cliù’ in an alternative way, taking us away from modern day interpretations based ‘made in Chelsea’ and ‘TOWIE’ and the likes. It didn’t take us long to think of someone who fitted the bill.

Dugie Ross from Staffin has spent most of his life finding and preserving fossils in his local area and has had a keen interest in local history from a young age. Aged 16, while at the peats he found 6 flint arrowheads and he’s been finding and collecting ever since!

The area is well-known for its amazing history, and Dugie’s museum equally so, though he’s just doing the thing he loves. Why not check out this film his son Cameron made to hear a little more about the amazing finds that await you in Staffin!

We hope this will inspire you at home to find interesting people near you and share their story.