Are you planning to make a film for this year’s FilmG competition?  If so, now is the time to be working on your story/idea and writing your script.  We’ve got some resources online that can help you with every stage of your film.  Here is a video tutorial (in Gaelic) made especially for FilmG to help you develop your script and with creating a storyboard.

We also have an ‘8-step Practical Guide to Script-writing for Short Films’ by writer and actor Stuart Hepburn.  Stuart has over 30 years experience in the Creative Industries, has written two feature films and over 80 hours of television drama. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and Contemporary Screen Acting at University Of The West Of Scotland.  His guide is well worth a look. 

If you are more interested in documentary-making resources, Freelance Director Anne Cheape provides a brief overview of everything you need to think about prior and during your documentary shoot.  Annie is a very experience documentary maker having worked for many years researching and directing BBC ALBA’s long running current affairs programme Eorpa.

Other resources are available here.