2021 Theme

Èirich - Rise


Two minutes

Archie holds his breath… 2 minutes and he will reach the treasure.

Archie’s grandfather has told him tales of pirate ships, hiding treasures along the coast where he lives. Pirate bay (bàgh spùinneadair). Hauling their loot into coves and sinking chest laden riches in the shallows. Rare orchids grow on the rocks, evidence that tropical soil has been left from a distant visitor.

Archie holds his breath in the bathroom sink, again and again, resetting the stop watch to 2 mins. His head thumps, his body convulses forcing his body to take a new breath. The sound of his heart echos loudly through his whole body as it screams for air! Running to the shore, his focus pierces into the shallow, sets his watch to 2 mins… and dives in!


Kyoto to Kilmaluig

Her lost memory defines her, it is her forgotten past that will define the future.

Ceitidh has no memory of her past. A passing face in a busy crowd seems familiar, like an electric shock, Ceitidh has a memory flash back to a croft far removed form her urban surroundings. As these episodes increase in regularity she questions her surroundings and who she actual is!

Ceitidh discovers her brothers collection of Manga novels. Amazed by these, she become engrossed in Japanese culture and starts drawing her own stories. Through these drawings we enter Ceitidh’s imagination of discovery, ready to leave her home on the croft she dreams of experiencing this new place, Kyoto!



A man stands asleep in an open road wearing nothing but his pyjamas, accompanied with his teddy!

Each night we follow the exploits unfold around the sleepwalker. Unbeknown to us, Ted is whispering into Ross ear making him get up each night. He is searching for the missing Mrs Ted. After a series of failed outings, from shops, bins and libraries, we finally discover Mrs Ted in the clarity shop window.